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Blood Burst Demon Art is the one of four Blood Demon Arts that released in Closed-Beta version

This Blood Demon Art grants the user an advanced form of blood based pyrokinesis. They can either ignite or detonate their blood. The demonic flames’ shape, position and properties can also be manipulated to an extent.



Like all other Blood Demon Arts you must be a Demon. Follow the link to learn how to become a demon.

Spin for Blood Burst[]

You must go to Zapiwara Cave or Cave 1 and speak to the Demon Art Spin NPC. After that it is luck-based.



Some moves do burn damage.


Mastery Name Keybind
Blood Shot
The user creates an explosive burst of crimson-pink flames from thin air wherever the cursor is aimed.
Blood Shot
Mastery Name Keybind
Explosive Chokeslam
The user charges forward and grabs the target, leaps into the air then slams them into the ground with great force, creating a relatively large explosion of pink flames upon contact with the terrain.
Explosive ChokeSlam
Mastery Name Keybind
Explosive Burst
The user sprints forward and by letting go of the keybind, it releases a short-ranged yet high-powered wave of crimson-pink flames. If the user manages to get a direct hit, their victim's screen will be engulfed in flames as they burn.
Explosive Burst
Mastery Name Keybind
Explosive Landmines
The user disperses their blood across the surrounding area and when the keybind is pressed again, their blood will detonate into small explosions of crimson-pink flames, launching anyone away from its range
Explosive Landmines
Mastery Name Keybind
Explosive Blood
The user creates a series of 5 powerful scratches imbued in crimson-pink flames, knocking the opponent away on the last hit.
Explosive Blood
Mastery Name Keybind
(Must defeat Nezuko to unlock this move)
Blood Burst
The user lunges forward and releases an uppercut scratch coated in crimson-pink flames. If landed, the target will be knocked back and when the keybind is pressed again, they will detonate.
Blood Burst

Pros & Cons[]


  • Fantastic combo potential
  • Has burn damage
  • Blood Burst can be very strong when timed correctly
  • Great in dungeons and Mugen Train
  • Explosive Landmines and Blood Burst can both detonate while getting attacked


  • Underpowered if used incorrectly
  • Detonations can't be left armed forever, as they will despawn
  • High knockback, which may be detrimental to combos


  • Blood Burst is said to be one of the best Blood Demon Arts in the game.
  • In the anime, Nezuko has displayed great proficiency with this Blood Demon Art, as it can heal humans who are suffering from any type of life-threatening diseases, such as poison, and make any Nichirin Blades turn bright red.
  • It is said that Nezuko herself modified her Blood Demon Art to become harmful to demons only, as these "flames of purification" can hamper a demon's regeneration capabilities, as shown by Upper Rank 6, Daki, who was temporarily unable to regenerate and heal after being scorched by Nezuko's Blood Demon Art.


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